Started to Look at Torrent Sites

I am looking at torrent sites as part of this project I am doing for my Political Science professor at college. It sort of started out rather obliquely when we were discussing the legal and political aspects of the case against the Piratebay. Of course there is pretty much not doubt as to what they are doing, they are helping other people to share a vast number of files which they do not hold the legal rights to distribute. There is not a lot of point in disputing that really. It is really not that complicated and I do not think any sensible person will dispute it. Of course there is a lot of difference in opinion as to how freely you should be able to share information of all types on the internet. There is a certain very radical element which exists on the internet and seems to recognize no boundaries at all.

I obviously have downloaded stuff of the internet. It has not always been legally done either, but I know that there is a risk to it and obviously if I were the owner of a TV show or a movie I would feel like I wanted people to pay me to download it from itunes or the Google Play store or one of those other download sites. I am not sure how you go about making it work like that in the real world. The obvious thing is for the cost to be closer to what it can be had illegally. You are not talking about buying a movie on a reel or a vhs cassette tape or a DVD. You are talking about selling ones and zeros in the real sense. Your cost is real, but it is minimal compared to selling a physical product.


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