Save Those Family Memories Forever

After my Grandmother died, my Mom and I were going through all of her old photos and I was so moved by all of the emotions the pictures captured. Those memories were truly irreplaceable. I wanted to make copies of the photos, but I was scared they would get damaged or destroyed in the process. I talked to my Mom about lending me the photos to scan. After she agreed to let me borrow them I went online to find software. I did a Google search for best photo scanning software reviewed. I figured the best way to get good software was to go online and read what other people were saying about the software.

I know sometimes you can’t really believe the reviews you read online, but I found these reviews to be very credible. Thanks to your website I was able to find the perfect software for the older scanner my mother had bought when she bought her printer six years ago. Thanks to those photos of my Grandmother I was able to really get to know her life like I had never before. I was able to see what she looked like when she was a teenager, what she looked like on her first date and on her prom. I found out that she and I looked a lot like each other and had similar taste in men. Having these photos brought the good memories to my mind in such a hard time for me and my entire family. I loved seeing the photos she had of her wedding to my Grandfather. I could see the happiness in her eyes, and I can complete understand why their marriage was a great one. They had a loved that lasted over fifty years. These pictures gave our entire family the belief in love and happily ever after again. Now I look at them all of the time on my computer, thanks to finding the right software.


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