Positive Teens Deserve Great Treatment

Toronto Airport Limousine Service - Toronto Limousine - Limo To ...My daughter and her friends decided that they were going to spend their senior year or high school donating as many hours as they could to the Habitat for Humanity in town. I was really happy that she was going to spend some time with her friends doing something good for another family. We have always been able to keep the girls out of trouble and raised them well so it was good to see them giving back to others. I saw that a toronto limousine company was looking for teenagers to be nominated for group of the year, they were going to get a free ride to any place that they wanted to go for about eight hours on a Saturday night. I said to myself that this would be the greatest thing to actually enter them into. I was hoping that there would be a person that would be able to help me figure out what friends were helping her.

I had to call one of her teachers and I had to has her what friends were doing the Humanity project as I wanted to make sure that I got all of the people that were involved. The teacher that I called was the person that contacted my daughter with the right person at the non profit and I knew that even though it was not a school sponsored activity, that the teacher was going to help them out at the site. It was really nice that this young teacher volunteered a lot of her time away from her young family to oversee all of my daughter’s friends while they were working to help other people out who needed a house. My husband and I could not be more proud of our daughter than we already are right now.


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