Our Customers Love Our Tote Bags

I wanted to have a promotion for the customers at my bookstore. I have quite a few who are loyal customers, and I wanted to thank them for their repeat business. So many people have abandoned bookstores because of electronic books, but there are still some diehards who feel the same way that I do when it comes to reading a book. My partner and I talked about it, and we decided to get some promotional bags that our customers could use either to carry any books home that they buy from our store, or they can just use them for other uses too.

We wanted to make sure that the promotional bags that we got were classy since we both had several that were stashed in our closets at home. We thought that we would have to pay more for the kind of tote that our customers would love to carry with them wherever they went, so we were both pleasantly surprised to find tote bags that we would be able to customize ourselves at a very reasonable price.


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