Ordering Cakes in Singapore to Be Delivered

About a year ago I started buying the cakes of the month from a company that deliver cakes in singapore. They are also a florist that delivers. I first used their services when I got a big bouquet of roses delivered to my wife at her work the day before our anniversary. When I found out they also delivered cakes, I had one sent to her at work to share with her coworkers. It was a big hit. I sent another the next month when I saw that they had a cake deal for each month. You get the cake special for the month at a lower price.

All of the cakes are delicious. My wife and her coworkers attest to it. I have occasionally gotten a small piece brought home to me by my wife. Most often every piece is gone in minutes of it arriving. I still send her the flowers for special occasions, but since there are such great prices on the cakes, I like sending one each month to her office. She has told me the birthdays of her coworkers so that we do not miss a birthday celebration. This company that delivers cakes in Singapore also makes the best birthday cakes you will find anywhere. I have a standing rule that I get one piece from at least the birthday cakes. They are my favorites.

At home we order cakes for birthdays of friends and relatives including our precious children. I send flowers to my mom for special occasions using this company as well. They have great prices, reliable delivery and a whole line of cakes, bouquets and floral arrangements for any occasion. It is the easiest and best way I have found to get flowers to those you love and get cakes for their birthdays and other special days.


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