One of the Worst Crimes Imaginable

Virginia Vacation Beaches - Virginia Beach Attractions + Boardwalk ...My daughter went out on a date with a man last year. When the man showed up at my doorstep, he looked like a normal person. Unfortunately, I was wrong in my assessment, and he wasn’t normal at all. While on the date, he sexually assaulted my daughter, and then beat her. My daughter had to be rushed to the hospital and I thought she wasn’t going to survive. I wanted to kill that guy with my own hands, but I restrained myself, and looked for a sex crimes lawyer for fairfax virginia residents, because I wanted him to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

I was barely able to contain my rage while looking for a lawyer. The police had taken the man into police custody, but he claimed he didn’t do anything, and that my daughter was just lying for attention.


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