I Love the Geese, but They Had to Go

When you spend most of your life living in an area that is hot, dry and very urban, you end up not seeing a lot of different wild animals. Once in awhile I would see a snake or I would see the average amount of birds for the area. So, it was a big surprise to move out to the country and suddenly find myself surrounded by animals of all types. But I needed the help of some Canada geese control in NJ for the new place I just bought.

I bought an old country house that makes me feel like I am in the best home that I have ever lived in. I love the old wood floors and the great architectural details inside and outside the home. I love the way that the house creaks and moves when the wind picks up outside. I even love the geese and other animals that come around every day. But as someone who has always lived in an urban area, I did not realize that they can quickly become a nuisance.

The Canada Geese that show up in my yard are beautiful. I knew they were there when I bought the place. The real estate agent said that they helped to make my place look like something out of an old history book, and I agree with him fully. I loved watching them out my windows at night. I loved sitting out on the porch and listening to them. But when they began showing up in droves, that’s when the problem started for me. They are quiet aggressive. I could not let me cat out without them attacking my cat. Next, I would simply try to walk down my driveway and they would come after me, too. This went on daily. So, getting someone else to come in to move them to a safe place far away was a service that really helped me.


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