I Chose a Green Energy Company

I moved to Texas last year, and it was a huge adjustment for me in so many ways. I moved from the North, so I was used to milder temperatures. That was the biggest adjustment of all. There were other things that took some getting used to though, including things I never even knew were possible. One of those is when I was able to compare Amigo energy rates and choose the company that I wanted to supply our energy to us. This was a whole new world, because I have never had this choice in any of the other places I have lived.

It used to frustrate me that I had to accept what utilities were available to me at my former residences, because I was subject to whatever rates and plans they wanted to give to me. That is just another reason why I like Texas the best out of all the places I have ever lived. After doing some research on the different companies available to me, I was able to choose a company that not only had rates that are very reasonable, but they also match my values when it comes to our planet.

I have been trying to teach my children how to live a greener life, and I was very pleased to see that there are energy companies that agree with this mindset. They have different programs available to make it so energy is not wasted. I actually involved my children with the decision, because I wanted them to see the difference that choosing even an energy company can make when it comes to the impact we have in the world we live in. They learned a valuable lesson that I think they will remember for the rest of their lives, and we made a great decision on which company to use for our energy needs too.


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