How I Handled My Herpes Treatment

I know that there is no cure for the actual herpes virus, but there are things that people can do to minimize and even eliminate the awful and frustrating outbreaks that occur as a result of herpes. I know this because I found a website, Admit One VIP, that had a lot of information about herpes when I was diagnosed with this condition about a year ago. I honestly did not know what to think. I wasn’t sure if it was as minor as a cold sore on my lip or if it was something serious that would have lifelong consequences.

It turns out that it is a bit of both really. While the virus will always be inside my body, I am still able to do things that will suppress the outbreaks so I don’t have to suffer with them. This website is actually what led me to this discovery. They allow readers of their site to leave reviews on the different products that have helped them with their outbreaks. They compare the top products then on their site along with the written reviews, and people like me are able to make a decision on which one is best for us.

The reviews proved to be extremely helpful, as I had a lot of questions about each one. All I had to do was look at several reviews for each, and most of my questions were answered right there in the reviews. On the comparison chart, I was able to see how easy each one was, how long it takes to work, and if there was actually a cure or if the outbreak was just suppressed. This was so helpful, and it helped me to find the product that was best for me in dealing with my herpes.That website saved me a lot of trouble of finding this information on a lot of different websites.


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