Great Prices for Offshore Website Hosting

My company just launched a new website, but we have found that our current level of hosting is inadequate in terms of the amount of server space that we have available. The company that we are going through is really not helping us out more, and in order to upgrade to a proper amount of space through this company, it would cost an exorbitant amount of money. Instead of doing that, we are looking for solutions in terms of finding offshore hosting for the website, as that is likely going to be a bit cheaper than going through any of the companies that are based in this country.

I hope that turns out to be the truth, because it would be nice to save some money on paying for hosting. The website should get a lot more traffic now, since it has a lot more features than the previous website, and most importantly, customers can actually place orders to the company through the website. However, right now, we are not really able to take any orders, as the website is not functioning currently due to an insufficient amount of server space being allotted towards hosting the site currently.

We need to correct this problem quickly, or we could stand to lose potential customers. If you website is broken for any substantial length of time, I think it might suggest to customers that your company is unreliable, and that is the last sort of vibe that we would like to give off. Rather, we want to achieve quite the opposite, because our products come with lifetime warranties, and we have always prided ourselves in being a very reliable company. Therefore, I am going to try to find an offshore company to host this new website by the end of the day today.


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