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What Exactly is Cyber Monday?

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Cheap Laptop & Computer Deals & Packages Coupons, Cheap Online Laptop ...My dad called me last night and said that he had been seeing a lot of online ads for cyber Monday. He said that he had no idea what it was, but it seemed to offer a lot of deals of things that he wanted for Christmas. I told him that I would explain it to him. I told him that the online retailers also wanted a day like box stores had with Black Friday. They set the Monday after thanksgiving to be Cyber Monday. There were great cyber monday laptop deals 2013 that were going to be better than what he saw online for Black Friday and that if he was going to buy a laptop for my mom for Christmas that he would be better off waiting for the Monday deals. He said that was a great idea and asked me if there was a web site where there were different ads for cyber Monday deals.

I was looking online for any ads for cyber Monday and there were hardly any sites dedicated to those deals like there were sites that were dedicated for black Friday. I was hoping that I was going to be able to get an idea as to what day to spend my money on, but there was no decisive answer. I went to talk with my friends, who are bargain hunters, for lunch the other day and they told me that they were going to wait for cyber Monday. For the past few years, the online retailers have been seeing the black Friday prices and then they use those numbers to go even lower for the cyber Monday deals that they put out. I was so happy to hear this, then I called my dad and told him to wait for Monday deals.