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Thinking About Taking a Job in the Middle East

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Job Offer to Recent Grad Via Instagram ) ( BERNANKE TO GRADUATES ...A friend of mine was telling me about a recruiter he had talked to the other day. This guy is like the smartest guy in the computer science department at university, so he basically has a lot of people knocking on his door and offering him graduate jobs now that he is almost done here. He loved everything about this job, except for the fact that it required him to relocate to Dubai. If you knew the guy you might understand why that might not appeal to him. He is incredibly smart and he works really hard at his studies, but he parties even harder. The guy can drink more beer than anyone I know and he loves to chase after girls. He rarely seems to catch them, probably because he is rather intoxicated at the time. Still he likes the pursuit as much as anyone I know.

I do not really have the same issues personally. The truth is that I am not all that good at drinking and I sort of gave it up because it was interfering with the more important parts of my life. My friend, the one I was discussing, he could handle all of the work load at school and all of his extracurricular activities without any problem. I have to focus on getting everything done that I need to do and I need to be sharp mentally. I do not mind drinking itself, but it usually makes me feel rotten the next day and if I have to do stuff I do not drink anything except iced tea and water. At any rate I called up this guy and I have the sense that he liked the resume that I sent him. If he offers me the job I think that I might take it.