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These Wall Stickers Are Lifesize and Look So Real!

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Smart Decoration Ideas: Cool Wall Stickers from Extraverage - Home ...The first set of wall stickers that I bought included one of a little boy pulling a wagon behind him with his dog inside the wagon. It was a solid black silhouette sticker that we put on the wall out in the hallway. The wall is painted in a bright color, and the sticker is a focal point and conversation piece. Our daughter really likes that animated movie with the old man, the talking dog and the balloons that carry his house away so I got her a sticker for her room. It is of a little girl being lifted up in the air by a bunch of balloons into the clouds.

Our garage is finished in drywall, and my husband has actually put up some wall stickers too. He ordered them when I placed my last order.


Our Logo Design We Had Made Was a Smart Idea

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Beauty Logo Design Portfolio, UK LondonGetting a good logo design done for your company will help it to stand out ahead of all of your competitors. People identify with logos. It is all part of branding. In fact, there is a popular game that is available that is all logos. You look at a picture of a company logo, and then you type in the name of the company. I went through several levels of the game before I was stumped. I had no idea the sheer amount of company logos that I could recognize on sight. I even remembered how to spell some of the names of foreign companies, and companies who use odd ways of spelling.

I thought about that when it comes to my own company. Consumers are inundated with advertising. However, they retain the information of what a logo looks like.