Almost Back on My Feet

Virginia P. Meigs: Lawyer with Virginia P. Meigs Attorney at LawI came out of this a bit better than I could have hoped. It was best that we never had any kids, which probably would have been the only thing that could have kept us together any longer. I came out of it with no place to live, but that was about the size of things. I hired a pretty good divorce lawyer in virginia and the judge figured that unless the house was sold off to pay our debts, then one of us had to end up with both. I was not really going to argue against having a clean slate to be honest and the truth is that the location of the house was a whole lot more convenient to Anna than it is to me. She works for a company that is based in Northern VA, not more than ten minutes away from the house if traffic is good. I am working in the suburbs of Washington, DC and not the ones in Northern Virginia. Instead I was up close to Delaware in Maryland.

So that house was not nearly so valuable to me as it would be if I was living and working near there. Instead it was a place that required a long commute every morning and every afternoon. That is something I could live without in fact. I moved into a loft apartment above a little corner store in fact. It is the absolute essence of convenience for me. I knew the guy who owns the place and I love to eat across the corner at this little diner that is a nice little walk from the office. Of course in the winter it is a bit tempting to wait for the bus, but this is like the easiest commute ever unless I am working from home.


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