Admiring the Ingenuity of Young People Who Want to Make the World a Better Place

It seems that every single generation has a very idealistic view of how they were when they were teenagers. Often times when you speak to individuals who are now in the latter stage of her life, when they talk about their teenage years they will talk about how productive they were as teens. They may even talk about how when they were teens they spent their time doing the equivalent of things like those that are found at . Things like learning the piano, learning art, in doing things that help them to become better people.

However, if you were to go back to when they were teenagers and if you spoke to their parents, no doubt their parents and other people of their parent’s generation would have said something completely and totally different about the teenagers that existed then. They would’ve said that the teenagers then were rebellious, that they were lazy, did not want to work, and were involved in questionable activity. This is how it always is. The older generation always looks at the newer generation with skepticism.

However, this does not mean that teenagers are not doing anything to make the world a better place. In fact right now in many countries around the world there are groups of teenagers who are dedicated to making the world that they live in a better place. Many belong to nonprofit volunteer organizations that push different concepts of social equality, economic growth, and happiness and health for everyone. While some of their older counterparts may not realize the importance of what they are doing, or they may not appreciate the nontraditional means that they are using in order to change the world, they at the same time must admire the ingenuity of these young individuals and their desire to put themselves out there in order to make the world that they are living in a better place.


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