A Website for My Jewelry Business

I started making jewelry when I was in college. Other students and faculty members would purchase a few pieces here and there, and it was enough to keep me in spending money. When I graduated, I realized I missed doing my jewelry, so I started doing that on the side. Former students and faculty members kept in touch, wanting to see my new pieces. Since I lived several states away, I decided to create a website. I hired an ecommerce web design team to put together the site for me, and I actually make more money selling my jewelry than I do with my day job.

The website is very easy to update, which was my biggest concern. I am really great at creating jewelry, but designing and updating websites was something that would have terrified me before. They custom made my website though and taught me how to update it myself. I really love that I have full control over the website because I honestly thought that the web design team would have to keep updating it for me. They did such an amazing job with all the add-ons that I don’t have any problems in using it myself.

I just have to take pictures of the jewelry I make, and then upload it to my site. Categorizing it on the site is very easy, and filling out a description as well as the price is simple too. Then, a customer can go to my site and look at the various pieces for sale. If they want to buy something, they can pay for it right then, and the piece is shown as sold on the site. If someone sees a sold piece they like, they can fill out a request card to see if I can make another one. At this rate, I may just do my jewelry making full time!


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